Courage is Contagious, Writing is Pointless, so is Life.

And so I’m reluctantly back to writing. Not that this is anything new: anyone who’s ever known me will know that I have what some unbearable teacher would’ve described fifty years ago as ‘the gift of the gab’, and those who like the sound of their own voice will surely love the flow and cadence of their own text.

I’d given up on writing blogs after a while. We’d kinda moved into a post-blog era generally on the Left, and in my own case I simply have far too many with far too few posts with far too many delusions of grandeur. Setting up an Australian ‘Young Turks’ was simply too much effort, especially as the older I get the more I realise how little I know, particularly with regard to news and current affairs. It makes sense that I’m becoming more and more the philosophy student, as I’ve increasingly realised that while the real world fascinates me to no end – I implore people routinely to care about what’s going on around them – I’ve honestly realised that the immense concern with on-the-ground specifics no longer interests me. The world’s too rich and interesting to specialise. Continue reading Courage is Contagious, Writing is Pointless, so is Life.